Castles Hike: „Schloß Hocheppan – Schloß Boymont“

Another popular tour is the “Castles Hike” where in one hiking tour the ruins of Boymont, Castle Hocheppan and Castle Korb can be visited. We are happy to give further tipps during your stay!

“Eppaner Höhenweg – Restaurant Buchwald”

From our house along road nr. 10 along the forest hiking trail towards the Panoramarestaurant Buchwald (approx. 40 mins. Walking distance). From there hike to the „Eppaner Höhenweg“ (spezial hiking trail) Nr. 9 in northern direction, after approx. 1 hour downhill towards Perdonig. Food and drinks in the restaurant “Wieser”.  From Perdonig back towards our house on trail nr. 10.

Total walking distance: approx. 3 hours

Our town’s landmark mountain „Gantkofel“

From our house along trail nr. 10 uphill towards restaurant “Buchwald”, shortly after the restaurant on check mark nr. 545 in approx. 90 mins steeply upwards to the summit “Niederfriniger Wiesn” and further uphill on check mark nr. 512 toward the crown of “Gantkofel”. Backwards follow check mark nr. 546 “Grosse Scharte” steeply downhill towards our house.

Total walking distance: Approx. 6 hours, difference in altitude: approx. 1100 m

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